Dutch-Russian business vocabulary

Dutch-Russian business vocabulary


Business Russian, Business Dutch, is an indispensable source for all of those who have Russian-Dutch friends, employees, employers or business partners but also for all Dutch/Russian people who have contact with Russian/Dutch business partners or friends. This is a unique book since no such book exists on Dutch, Russian or Belgium market.

Business Russian, Business Dutch consists of 216 pages of useful terms divided into 19 parts. In the first part you will find information about Russian and Dutch language and alphabet. Parts 2-16 include practical vocabulary such as : jobs, days of the week, numbers, and more sophisticated such as: applying for the job, job contracts, payment, bank services, loans, mortgages, office vocabulary and much more. Part 17 is an alphabetical list of important business words. In the book you can also see how the words are used in context and you can find examples of real  vacancies and job contracts. Parts 18 and 19 are devoted to self-study and homework. The book presents also information about Dutch and Russian pronunciation.

Business Russian, Business Dutch is written by Beata Bruggeman-Sękowska. Beata Bruggeman-Sękowska is an academic teacher, a sworn translator ( from/to English, Dutch and Polish) and a journalist. She has been working as a teacher and an academic teacher for both Dutch and Polish Universities for more than 15 years. She graduated from Warsaw University where she studied English and American language and literature. Her major was American culture, and she specialised also in methodology and translations. She completed also postgraduate studies in Journalism and TV Reporting organised by Warsaw University and L’Ecole Superiere de Journalisme de Lille and received ‘diplôme en journalisme européen’. In 2004 she established a company offering language courses, translations and journalistic services.


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