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Commemoration ceremony of the 25th anniversary of Hatvan – Maassluis twin-cities relations

On the occasion of the anniversary celebration with the march of the Hungarian color sergeants and followed by the musical performances of young people from Hatvan Ambassador András Kocsis addressed the audience with a key-note commemorative speech.

In his remarks he recalled that in the aftermath of the political transition in Central Europe a significant number of municipal governments from the Netherlands had set out to seek for twin-city relations with local partners in the region amongst others in Hungary as well. The Ambassador underlined how during the past decades the open-mindedness and pro-active attitude of the Dutch counterparts resulted in close municipal ties between various cities, both in the Netherlands and in Hungary, where the flourishing town-twinning projects of Hatvan and Maasluis have since 1992 been an outstanding example of co-operation.

Ambassador Kocsis also expressed his gratitude towards the generous in-kind contributions of the city of Maassluis as part of its twin-city engagement during the years, acknowledging the active participation of the local institutions and civil society actors in projects related to sectoral and cultural programs, as well as to general education

The Ambassador pointed out the importance of future engagement of local governments concerned, initiating an active dialogue with the partners, offering professional support by the Hungarian Embassy in the Hague to facilitate bilateral stakeholder meetings and discussions.

Mr. Edo Haan, mayor of the hosting city highlighted in his welcoming words the twin-city relations with Hatvan dating back to the earliest times of co-operation between municipalities expressing the unique pride it creates. “We shall certainly maintain relations in the future, the twin-city relations are precious for both Maassluis and Hatvan, alike” – he added.


Source and photos: Embassy of Hungary in the Netherlands