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CEE cities you never thought to visit but definitely should


The British Telegraph in its section Travel has just published a list of 21 European cities you never thought to visit-but probably should. On the list there are 7 Central and Eastern European Cities.

  • Osijek, Croatia (number 4) British travel journalist Adrian Bridge describes this city in the following way: ”modestly-sized city (pop 114,000), picturesquely positioned on the river Drava. Attractions include a fortified centre (the Tvrda) dating back to the 18th century, the splendid neo-Gothic Church of St Peter and St Paul and the grand Europska Avenija, along which can be seen some excellent examples of the Art Nouveau architecture popular in this part of the world in the late 19th century.”
  • Skopje, Macedonia (number 5) is an ” Eastern European city break with a differnce” according to Sarah Evans, British photojournalist and writer.
  • Tbilisi, Georgia (number 8) combines in a balanced way history and modernity. Katie Melua, singer,  who comes from here says: ”It’s steeped in history – the Old Town, with its twisting alleys, is particularly fascinating,” she says. “It’s a city that’s very much off the beaten track. Not many tourists have been there, which makes it all the more worth visiting.”
  • Wroclaw, Poland (number 15), 2016 European Capital of Culture with its spectacular architecture, cultural heritage, from Ostrów Tumski – “Cathedral Island” – to Rynek, its ancient market square, with a magnificent14th-century City Hall and of course over 200 city dwarfs hidden all around the city waiting to be found. ( You can find more information about Wroclaw here:

-Poland a new family- holiday destination? Wroclaw: https://www.communications-unlimited.nl/poland-a-new-family-holiday-destination-part-2-wroclaw/)

-Mayor of the city of Wroclaw invites you to meet in Wroclaw: https://www.communications-unlimited.nl/mayor-of-the-city-of-wroclaw-  invites-you-to-meet-in-wroclaw/)

  • Plovdiv, Bulgaria (number 16) worth visiting becasue of  its ancient remains: there are Thracian and Greek remains alongside the Roman ones.
  • Eger, Hungary (number 20)  is a city with beautiful views, narrow cities and finest Baroque church in Hungary and is situated only 100 miles from Budapest.
  • Maribor, Slovenia (number 21) was an European Capital of Culture in 2012. Anthony Gardner, an Irish author and journalist based in London describes Maribor in the following way: ”They say there is only one month of the year when you shouldn’t visit Maribor. In midwinter it has world-class skiing; in spring the Kurent Carnival, populated by outlandish mythological figures, takes place in nearby Ptuj; in summer the riverside Lent quarter is taken over by musicians and street performers; in autumn the surrounding vineyards celebrate their harvest. November alone is considered too gloomy to bother with.” Wait until next month… 


Source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/

Photo: Wroclaw, Communications-Unlimited

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