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All seven books written by Beata Bruggeman-Sękowska, an international journalist, sworn translator, CEE lecturer have been born out of necessity. She decided to write language books to help foreigners consciously coexist in the society. She says in the interview for Popolsku newspaper: ” I remember when I was giving birth to my first child in the Dutch hospital and that it was not that easy to communicate due to emotions and all the feelings you experience on such a moment. Therefore I thought I need to write a medical language book to help other mothers, so my book: Medisch Pools, Medisch Nederlands ( Dutch-Polish Medical Terminology) was created.”

She is now an author of seven books and various articles about Poland and the Netherlands which intend to bring people together and help them feel free. She promotes Poland, CEE region and the Netherlands internationally since she knows that only by learning about other languages and culture we can learn how to respect others.

Beata Bruggeman-Sękowska was raised dually in a communist Poland where she says in the interview for the Zuyd University magazine :”I  got propaganda lessons at school and the real teaching was at home by my parents who taught  how the real world is really like. I wanted to know why totalitarian systems exist.”

From that moment she got fascinated by intercultural communication, politics, languages, culture and psychology, which gave her a feeling of freedom. She followed English and American Studies at Warsaw University. She studied among others culture, literature, history, mass culture, ethnicity issues, political issues, gender studies, philosophy and psychology. After receiving her master title she also completed post-master studies in journalism organised by L’Ecole Superiere de Journalisme de Lille and Warsaw University with the cooperation of the College of Europe. She received ‘Diplôme en Journalisme Européen’. The communism in the meantime collapsed, her parents established the first medical clinic in Poland and her father was asked to become a minister of Healthcare in Poland. She started working for the Warsaw University as a lecturer, PR and brand manager for the clinic and a journalist for the Public Polish TV. Then she met the love of her life…from the Netherlands.

When she came to the Netherlands she realised that she could put in action everything that she learned in order to help others. She founded Communications-Unlimited : an international multidisciplinary company comprising the following departments:

Publishing House
Central and Eastern Europe Centre
International Journalism and PR Centre
Language and Translation Centre
Business and Tourism
Our  company is supported by an advisory board which consists of respected and well-known international representatives of the political, business and culture world.

Below you can find the list of our publications:

All our seven books

• Zakelijk Pools voor Nederlanders ( ISBN/EAN : 9789079532018 : Business Polish for the Dutch )
• Medisch Pools, Medisch Netherlands ( ISBN/EAN: 9789079532025 : Polish and Dutch Medical Terminology )
• Zakelijk Russisch, Zakelijk Netherlands ( ISBN/EAN : 9789079532032 : Russian and Dutch Business Vocabulary)
• Zakelijk Roemeens, Zakelijk Netherlands ( ISBN/EAN : 9789079532049 : Romanian and Dutch Business Terminology )
• Zakelijk Pools, Zakelijk Netherlands, thematische woordenschat voor iedereen ( ISBN/EAN : 9789079532001 : Polish and Dutch Business Terminology) is an expanded book consisting of more than 200 pages of practical vocabulary for business situations in Dutch and Polish.
• Medisch Russisch, Medisch Nederlands ( ISBN/EAN: 9789079532056, Russian-Dutch Medical Terminology )
•Facility Management en Bouwkunde. Engelse en Nederlandse terminologie: ISBN/EAN: 978-90-79532-06-3 ( Facility Management and Construction. English and Dutch terminology ) consists of almost 200 pages of important, field-oriented terms for specialists, teachers, students and anybody who is related to Facility Management and Construction sector

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Photo: Communications-Unlimited and Klaus Tummers.

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