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A literary evening at the Embassy of Kosovo in the Hague

On November 18 the Embassy of Kosovo in The Hague, in collaboration with Carabela Books, hosted a very interesting literary event to unveil the poetry collection entitled “Girl of Monday” written by twenty eight Albanian and Dutch poets.

Ambassador Dren Doli at the beginning of the evening welcomed a talented group of poets in the Embassy, Kosovo’s diaspora and poetry-lovers. 

Poets who attended this unique event were: Shqiptar Oseku, the Kosovo poet, who travelled to the Netherlands for this event, Alban Bala, Erik Lindner, Gerard van Hameren, Jantine Dijkstra, Juan Heinsohn Huala, Leo Stilma, Liridon Mulaj, Marco Nijmeijer, Ramon Haniotis and Albana Shala. The event was also attended by the daughter of Moikom Zeqo, who had passed away two years ago. 

“Girl of Monday” is the first of its kind. It is trilingual (Albanian, Dutch and English) and it presents an ongoing conversation in verse of twenty eight Dutch, Kosovo and Albanian poets who have written about love, motherhood, women and girls, not from an imposed adoration of enamoured men, but from their recognition of women’s role in their lives.

Guests during the evening had a chance to enjoy traditional Kosovo food and beautiful Kosovo folklore music by Hajrije Preniqi.

Images: Embassy of Kosovo in the Hague

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