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6 reasons why I was impressed by Albania

This year I have visited Albania for the first time. I went to Shkodër which is  located in northwestern Albania and is the seat of the county with the same name. It is one of the oldest and most historic places in Albania. It is also an important cultural and economic centre and a major city in the Western Balkans thanks to its geostrategic location. It is located  close to the Adriatic and the Italian ports and  other important cities and towns in neighbouring regions.

I was impressed and fascinated by:

1. People, open-hearted, friendly, willing to help and so proud of their country. Albanian flags are everywhere. They spoke perfect English and Italian and were never in a hurry to answer your questions or direct you personally to places worth seeing.

IMG_0268 IMG_0263


2. Statues, statues of leaders, Mother Teresa who was Albanian, fighters, huge, impressive, omnipresent.

IMG_0226 IMG_0229 IMG_0240 IMG_0242


3.Coexistence of Islam and Roman Catholicism. The city of Shkodër was one of the most important centers for Islamic scholars and cultural and literary activity in Albania. Shkodër is the center of Roman Catholicism in Albania. You can find here the Metropolitan Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Shkodër-Pult (Scutari-Pulati) in the Shkodër Cathedral, roman catholic churches and mosques.

IMG_0244 IMG_0250 IMG_0260

4.Juxtaposition of often destroyed buildings with modern architecture. 

IMG_0257 IMG_0264 IMG_0222 IMG_0225 IMG_0266

5.Nature: hills, Albanian Alps, Lake Skadar: the largest lake on the Balkan Pennisula located partially in Albania and partially in Montenegro, so pure, so blue and green.

IMG_2884 IMG_0216 lake

6.Colourful gates you can find on the way from the Montenegro-Albania border: Sukobin-Muroqin





Soon we will publish a short impression film about Albania on: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuqrnZ5aJSWLFMnwNF2b2CRwa0ZqveFTk

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