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25 international women, 18 countries in WonderNetherlands

25 amazing international women from 18 countries- Albania, Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Canada, Croatia, Georgia, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Spain, Thailand, Uganda, United States of America-  shared with us their experiences and tips about how it is to start your life from a scratch in the Netherlands in the series of interviews entitled ’’In Wonder Netherlands’’ and in ‘’Wonder Limburg’’ which we have published in the period of last 2 years.

All of these ladies are truly inspirational, since believe us, it is not easy to leave everything/everybody in the country of origin: your family, friends, job and start from a scratch in a new country, to build everything from nothing and do not give up.

They did it and they did it fabulously, which does not mean that they did not face problems. And that is why they decided to get interviewed by us to share the experiences, tips to help other people facing the same situations, to support them in their new journey which can be frightening if you are alone.

We love their stories since they talk about their life in the country of origin, about their new life, differences, similarities, their first shocking or funny experiences but most importantly they tell us how the Netherlands can become your new home and what amazing country it is.

Read/Watch here:

Adina (Romania): ‘’I brought from Romania a lot of passion and determination and in Maastricht I was welcomed with support and opportunities for growth.’’


Chalida (Thailand): ‘’Things happen for some reason’’ Personal journey from Motherland to Fatherland


Elena (Latvia): ‘’The Netherlands and Limburg will always remain in my heart as one of the brightest memories’’


Marieke (Spain/The Netherlands): ”That makes the distance between Barcelona and Maastricht very small”


Michelle (Australia): ”We are really fortunate to have a strong community here in Limburg”


Nestar (Uganda): ’’Limburg is my new home. But Uganda is my roots and flows in my blood’’


Nino (Georgia): ’’I know that dreams come true only when you work hard and try to develop’’


Nurlaila (Indonesia): ‘’Never stop dreaming; finding your passion isn’t just about career and money. It’s about finding your authentic self.’’


Sara (Iran): ‘’From Tehran to Eijsden’’


1st series

Agnieszka (Poland): ‘’It is here where after a long search I have found myself’’

Céline (Canada): ‘’My new Chez Moi’’

Heide (Austria): ‘’The ‘music’ in both languages made the connection for me’’

Katalin (Hungary): ‘’What I learnt in Limburg is: stop running, slow down and try to enjoy life’’

Meghan (United States of America): ‘’While we never dreamed we would live here, now we dream of staying for good’’

Orsolya (Hungary): ‘’Maastricht is a potpourri of people, nations and moods’’

Sathi (India): ‘’Two lives in Maastricht’’

Silvina (Argentina): ‘’You have to fly to change languages in Argentina’’

Sonia (India): ‘’I was tremendously excited on starting this new episode in my life’’