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20 funniest Polish phrases

20 funniest Polish phrases

Every language has its specific expressions which are pretty difficult to understand abroad. Polish is not an exception in this field. Just have a look at some examples:

1. A Pole won’t tell you to get lost.

They’ll tell you to “stuff yourself with straw” (wypchać się sianem).

2. Poles don’t snack.

They “take something on a tooth” (wziąć coś na ząb).

3. A Pole never beats around the bush.

He prefers to “wrap the truth in cotton” (owijać prawdę w bawełnę).

4. Polish people are not nit-picky.

They are “looking for a hole in the whole” (szukać dziury w całym).

An interesting list can be found here:  http://matadornetwork.com/notebook/20-funniest-polish-phrases-use/

”Thank you from the mountains” as the Poles would say instead of thanks in advance…

Source: matadornetwork, Communications-Unlimited

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